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Does anyone know how HIM kept the sabbath/shabass?

InI know King Sellassie was the hardest working I to ever grace this earth, and it seems from biographies and autobiographies that HIM basically worked non stop, with time out for the family and some esoteric and other studies... Does anyone know HIM's personal actions and feelings on JAH sabbath? InI Yeshua in that time done blessed us with word sound on this, but what about now?

I personally don't deal with money if I can help it on the sabbath, and won't be "employed" - but I see this as a way for Jah to help my mediation, blessed by the mystic cycle of 7, rather that a rule I will be punished if I break- but I think I could be wrong and sometimes wonder if I should keep the outward symbolic rituals like my orthodox judah-ish (jewish?) idren. And sometimes InI wonder if the outward symbol is totally unimportant and that we must keep a "higher level" of rest at the seventh level of divinity...


Blessed love all youth! Raspect all elders!
jah live in all of INI

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Does anyone know how HIM kept the sabbath/shabass?
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Re:Does anyone know how HIM kept the sabbath/shab

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