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Ur RasTa,
or ur not, InI is called by a new name...JaH RasTaFarI Sellassie I, that is RasTa, InI is not called by any other name, that is RasTa.
Christafairy is not RasTa, niether is anyting else.
I met Christafairy members on de net some yrs bak, and dem disagree wid many RasTa tings, so dem decided to mek der own wey....dats kool I haf no problem wid dat, but its when dem seh dem gonna konvert InI RasTa....WHAT!
Konvert what? RasTa is not a belief, or a religion, RasTa is a wey of life, to know right from wrong, to love the Lord ur God wid all ur heart,soul,mind and strength, and the second is like unto it, do unto ur nieghbour az u would haf him do unto u.
U cannot konvert RasTa, if dem crossed ova, dem waz neva RasTa.

Y'know de word christian is a Roman word, which the Romans used az a insult to de followers of Kristos, lol...U can haf it seen.
Haile Sellassie I the First is ORTHODOX, so InI is ORTHODOX, seen.
Sellassie I see Kristos az Lord & Saviour, So do I coz dats wha His Majesty taught & stood by..."DEFENDA OF THE FAITH"

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