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Rasta Forum?????????


Let us face this fact:- since slavery-the world has been controled by the same demon...so if one man rise up and say he is hebrew isralite or that he is messiah what ever the case maybe. and move a million people to his holy land saying that israel is home.
this man might say etheopia is our home.what have he done if that same demon which is in the united states still controls the world. if this or that man has not overthrown the government in which he lives under-that man is still a slave.
he just moved to another location...if he says that his plan is devine and god is in it..
i will say that man is just a little wise..
and maybe god had nothing to do with his move.
if he moves cause he says this is really the blackmans holyland.
still the devil must be ran out. and he alone rules the country.
now sure the gods use men as signs as symbols etc., this is surly the case...no one knows the true hearts of these leaders save themself -how they found the frequency which cause ones to belive and tune in...is the mystrey...
here is a mystry revealed...
'Prophet Gad' founder of 12 tribes belives in the return of jesus christ the bible talks about..{All Who know know that bible is alogory/metaphor-each noun has deeper level of meaning} does not belive in selassie and that he is christ return-allows whites in his group. and has no locks...
{in essence this man is not a Rastafari}How can one be a Rastafari and does not know that Selassie is The Christ Return-and that bible speaks about selassie..
yet people have been made to think this group is a group of rastas..
and this man'Prophet Gad' keeps himself close to Rastafari movment-
they have the largest group at the etheopian land grant..
Selassie's kin who is suppose to be next on the throne-has not the power to overthrow current rule and they will not allow him back in in full control-is a friend of Gad and is a member of the 12 tribes--now let us give this some thought-if Gad and his people get control of The government it will be a mockry-it will be an ironic rainbow throne not of Red Gold and Green but,black,white,gay,lebo,we are all same in jesus sight,jesus loves us all...
-Ital Iman I
Dis was published at so called Rasta Forum.
Let I&I say jus dis:
I&I don't need to rule Ithiopia!
Jah rueles dis world right NOW.
If you don'tm like Gad man, Ok. But please don't try to put worms innah de brain of JAH PEOPLE!
Propaganda will not make US change.

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