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some lyrics about my neighborhood

Abandoned houses and crack ho's
Weed rolled in tobaccos
That's the way it is down here, right down yaso
Nice guys and assholes
An endless string of hassles
While 6 blocks up the street dem crackers livin in they castles
Driving they Jags and they Saabs and they bimmas
While our pants sags and we just stare at them like dreamers
Wanting what we can't have so we become criminal schemers
Makin it easier for the beast to go and pull Abner Louimas
on our ass
or smokin rock, thinkin it's a blast
Swiggin malt liquor til out ya get passed
That way ya can't last
You end up in a plaster cast
Or with your family lookin at you through plexiglass
Hoist the mast
And let the wind fill our sails
Jah delivered InI from even the belly of the whales
So F*** dem jails
Wha dem built to separate the males
from females
Knock babylon train offa the rails
They drove the nails
To crucify the African race
And have us lookin for god in space and joining the paper chase...

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some lyrics about my neighborhood
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