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Greetings of Peace and Love

Today on my TV I came across this film called,"Genesis", and a fairly new film. The film was in all subtitle, but the language was either arabic or amharic. It was in the time of Jacob (Israel) and Esau and the departing of the sons of Jacob to Egypt. I have seen other films of Jacob but this one struck me totally different. The whole cast was Black, not a White man to be found anywhere. It was very well made and the authenticity was genuine. From the People to the costumes,the setting(NOMADIC), all have made me feel inside that this is the way it really was. Jah keeps opening my eyes wider and wider.

I have been to Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Ect.... And have now questioned the Babylon beliefs of a white Christ, since all the people I have seen in theses areas have been dark skinned, some light skinned, but not white w/european features as many Babylonian churchs would have you believe the Christ was.

I hope others have the chance to view this film and get the same vibes I felt from this film.
Give thanks
Natty Bob

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