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Dis -ease

Greetings in the ilahful name of the iternal word of God manifested in life:

It is a known fact that hate and fear cause diseases in the body and mind. So i humbly ask ones and ones full of hate and fear to either seek help or find methods to cure these diseases.i without shame seek help in Jah to find the cure and help needed to not have hate and fear ,to try and keep my mind and body which is my temple free from these diseases . Many have troubles and dont even know due to the hate and fear that blinds man from reality.....so i pray for ones and ones including i self to be free from such diseases...........Peace and love is the begining process to healthy minds and body...........hail JAH!!!!!!!!!!!! And to those caught up still in hatred towards Jah creation or fear of some mythological Satan...seek Jah and seek help.....its not something to be ashamed of...its something that effects us all our lives .we just need to correct it...one perfect love

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Dis -ease
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