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MUMIA- what we can do


1) Judge Yohn's decision to order a new sentencing hearing for Mumia abu-Jamal is the first even semi-positive ruling to be made in this case, and as such has been viewed with euphoria by some- but it stops far short of justice for Bro. Mumia. Yohn ordered a new sentencing hearing to take place withiin 180 days, if it does not take place Mumia gets life in prison. If it does take place, the prosecution will no doubt call for the re-imposition of the death sentence, and it's just possible they may get it. What Yohn refused to do was hold an EVIDENTIARY hearing- this is the central demand of the movement right now, because such a hearing would allow onto the court records all the evidence that has been amassed indicating Mumia's innocence, including a sworn confession by mob hitman Arnold Beverley that he, and not Mumia, killed the cop. So we can't rest at all, we have to keep pushing for Yohn to hold an EVIDENTIARY HEARING AT WHICH ALL THE EVIDENCE OF MUMIA'S INNOCENCE IS CONSIDERED.

Go to www.mumia.org, click on the small letters that say "free mumia" at the top of the page, and scroll down, you will find many links and documents you can download. Among them is a postcard to Judge Yohn demanding he hold an evidentiary hearing, I would urge everyone to download these, print 'em out and send as many as possible. Always check www.mumia.org for updates.
2) The march for Mumia on Dec. 8 in Philly was attacked by the police, 10 people were arrested, several hospitalised including a 5-foot woman from Philly who the police broke her bones. One beast pulled out a gun, held it to this kid's neck, then proceeded to wave it around at the crowd with his finger on the trigger. You can see a photograph of this crazy beast on www.mumia.org, clearly violating police procedure having his finger on the trigger when there's no immediate threat to his life. Only Jah prevented a massacre that day. CALL D.A. LYNN ABRAHAM at 215-686-9604 or fax her at 215-686-8049, demanding that she drop the charges and release the demonstrators who were attacked by the police, not the other way round.

Sorry i haven't posted this stuff earlier, I haven't been around computers much this past week. FREE MUMIA, LEONARD PELTIER, MUTULU SHAKUR AND ALL POLTICAL PRISONERS!!! Jah guide

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