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Re: Women in the Bible

>Many seekers turn from the Bible because they search for 'the Goddess' and cannot find...

Yeah, but if you know the original text, she is right there from the beginning...

"In the beginning, ELOHIM created..." etc.

ELOHIM is the word for "deity" combined with both a masculine AND feminine ending, all in the one word. Too hard for most English translators, so they just put "God" or something...but this misses the sublime original truth.
ELOHIM is both the womb and the seed - feminine AND masculine, in ONE. Why? Because masculine or feminine by itself can create nothing... go ahead and try if you want, but you'll never have children by masturbating alone.
Now Elohim created male AND female in his own image (Gen 1:27). So we are all God's children. But unless we unite the male and female as one, we can't create any new life of our own!
Now with us, this is physical, literal. But of course, with Elohim we are talking about spirit, essence (no duppy, but living spirit).
If you go seeking an old guy with a long white beard, or a pretty woman with big breasts, you'll be disappointed...if you understand ELOHIM there is no need to worry about "God" or "Godess" or whether the Creator is one or the other, and other sexist, exclusionary stuff. You have accepted a higher concept of divinity.


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