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Re: Real Jews were Black (and white and mixed)

>My issue is more to do with the majority of >blacks not knowing who we are and that >these "jews" are claiming a spot that they do >not belong in

I have read something interesting (not sure where I found it now, somewhere on the web) about many north-west African tribes, their religious belief and the reaction to them from Christians and eastern Muslims who visited them.
The Christians, generally ignorant of the nature of jewish/israelite religion and steeped in Eurocentric racism, said these African tribes were either without religion, or were idol/ancestor worshipers or some such. However, the Muslims, upon observing native religious practices, sneeringly referred to these west Africans as "Jews"...
The African tribes themselves simply described their religion as "the way of their forefathers"...

>It is the Jews that run this world, they are >presently the closest people to Satan, and >that's why they're on top of his world.

Now I don't believe this. Don't believe any "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" or other such stuff floating around. It is a total forgery - fiction invented by some anti-jewish Europeans.
Sure, there are some rich and powerful Jews, but there are rich and powerful Christians, Muslims, Bhuddists and atheists as well. There are plenty of poor, powerless Jews as well. To say "Jews run the world" is false and oversimplistic...like me saying Rastas run New Zealand, because there is one Rasta in the NZ government. It doesn't mean that you, or any other Rasta, are able to run New Zealand or control the government in any way!

>Who are the richest and most powerful people on >Earth, able to control governments by their >economic influences? It's the "Jews".

And what about Arab Sheiks who control most of the world's oil supply. They certainly influence the US and everyone else through oil supply and prices. If they stopped shipping oil to the US, the place would collapse. The US can produce its own oil, but no longer in an economically viable way - it costs them over $30 a barrel, possibly higher. Fuel would suddenly become prohibitively expensive, just like in most of the rest of the world.

What about British Monarchs? They even have their own religion, with the monarch as the head of the church! Not so long ago they were exerting their power and influence over much of the world - look how many crumbling bureaucratic messes called "colonies" they left behind...

>But one thing that must be understood is that >the genes that black people have are the >original man, we came directly from God who made >us, no other race can give us what we have. Our >genes contain the entire genetic spectrum of the >human race.

Probably so. But then, by your reasoning, are we not all just "one people" then?

What is a "black" man anyway? What is a "white" man? I see that certainly not all "black" people look alike. Not all black people are Africans, and not all Africans are totally "black". Do southern Indians count? What about Australian Aborigines? South-east Asians? (Not all Asians look alike either).
If you were running the true Israel, do you have a color chart to determine who enters? "You must be at least THIS black to enter"...
Would Haile Sellassie HIMself qualify?
What about Colin Powell?
What about a jet black, pure blood Australian Aborigine? Now he can't be Jewish or Israelite because his ancestors have been living here for over 40,000 years! But he is as black as a Massai or Zulu, with curly hair and wide nose.
What about a "speckled" person like myself? Some of my spots are pretty black ;-) Can the spots enter?
See, this just can't work... As long as you follow an "apartheid" style reasoning there will be war and strife amongst people.

>If you understand that then you'd understand >that Abraham and Sarah must have been pure black >for a any black tribes to come from them, and >also reading about those older days will bring >an understanding to why God said that their seed >should not be mixed with other certain races >that were on Earth, it was so that the children >of Abraham would be great number of people in a >certain amount of time, and be undiluted.

Now I really strongly believe thia was to keep their spiritual beliefs pure, not their skin color. Men are willing to do and say almost anything, often the most foolish things, to win the favor of women they desire. This includes giving in to their religious and spiritual ideas. Solomon is the most famous example. In the Kebra Negast, there is a detailed story of how one of his wives refuses to sleep with him until he has sacrificed to her gods...
There is also the example of Moses, his Kushite wife, and Miriam and Aaron's complaint about it.
If Moses was "black", the complaint could only be that her religion was different, and she could thus influence even Moses himself away from Jah.
If Moses were "white", and the complaint was racially motivated, about him mixing with a black woman, then Jah himself gave his verdict on that line of thought. Miriam was severely punished for her racism!
Consider that result if you yourself, as a black Rasta, were to marry a black Christian or Muslim woman... How much trouble would you have bringing your children up as pure Rastas? How would you yourself stand up if she constantly and subtly influenced you towards her own religion over the years? Even if you are strong, what about your fellow brethren?
If you really want your children, and children's children, to stay true to Rasta, better to marry a strongly rooted Rasta woman, no matter what her skin color...yes?

>And so i still cannot figure where those "Jews" >have come from and who they really are...

Simple. European converts. Look up the "Khazars" on a search engine for one account of such a historical event.

>Today i can expect that the tribes of Israel >have been diluted, i know that Judah is still >clear to see but i'msure that there are many new >shades in the Israelite family.

True, but as I've said, I don't think even Judah is still "clear to see", even if it ever was. I DO believe that there were fully "black" men in the Judah tribe, but that is not the whole of it. Surely even today there must be more black men who are not of Judah than who are... What of all Ham's sons, etc?
Also it was not only Israelites that actually followed the "true religion", as it were. Remember Melchizedek and Jethro, for example. The inside is always more important than the outside.


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