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Re: Real Jews were Black (and white and mixed)

My issue is more to do with the majority of blacks not knowing who we are and that these "jews" are claiming a spot that they do not belong in, they're lying talking about they reject Jesus but Love David when they are the same soul. They talk about awaiting another Messiah that isn't Jesus, well who is that? It must be one of the beasts and i'd say it's Nas, who is a black man.

People cannot come along and claim the divine history of a people and deny them, the actual root of the history, their identity. Being that it has been so it's only right that i question the true origins of these people, and i also make the claim that they are not the Jews (Judah) and so they have nothing to do with us. I believe that nobody but themselves can account for where they came from, the whole region has been upset since they've been there. Do they really belong there?

Jesus Christ comes to save who primarily? His own people who have been being punished for sins that their (Our) forefathers committed. The "Jews" of today have been chilling enjoying the world, and lying, deceiving the world. It is the Jews that run this world, they are presently the closest people to Satan, and that's why they're on top of his world. Who are the richest and most powerful people on Earth, able to control governments by their economic influences? It's the "Jews". When Christ comes back he's taking out this world, and that means he's taking them out and what they have built which has been against God (obviously). All i'm saying is that they ain't the real Jews and they ain't Jews period. They just reside in a place called Israel. And like i said earlier the Canaanites ain't gonna live there when the KING returns.

Abraham. One Wife (Sarah), one servant (Hagar). Hagar brings forth Ishamael, Sarah brings forth Esau and Jacob. Jacob obtains Esau's right to Abraham's blessing and later becomes known as Israel, he has twelve sons which are the twelve head-names of the tribes of Israel, and one of those tribes is Judah (The Jews). The marriage combinations of the twelve 'heads' is what determines the races of the twelve different tribes. But one thing that must be understood is that the genes that black people have are the oroginal man, we came directly from God who made us, no other race can give us what we have. Our genes contain the entire genetic spectrum of the human race. If you understand that then you'd understand that Abraham and Sarah must have been pure black for a any black tribes to come from them, and also reading about those older days will bring an understanding to why God said that their seed should not be mixed with other certain races that were on Earth, it was so that the children of Abraham would be great number of people in a certain amount of time, and be undiluted. Esau disobeyed God and went and diluted his seed but Esau doesn't matter anymore. And so i still cannot figure where those "Jews" have come from and who they really are, i just know that the original Jews were black and that we still are.

Today i can expect that the tribes of Israel have been diluted, i know that Judah is still clear to see but i'msure that there are many new shades in the Israelite family.

Jesus said it himself, "I am the root and offspring of David and the bright morning star." The root of a family is it's parent, so Jesus must be David for this statement to be true. David and Jesus were both servants of God, they had different objectives but their souls do have that perection about them, and i can't think of a greater King than David, and that's no bias.

It's about time my people knew who they are, if they did then they'd understand this future. Why anti-christ a black man? Because he's here to mislead God's inheritance and then the world. But his reign on the top will be short ... The KING of Glory will soon come.

Peace & Love,


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Re: Real Jews were Black (and white and mixed)
Re: Real Jews were Black (and white and mixed)
Re: Real Jews were Black (and white and mixed)

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