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Re: Full Glory of Christ Still to be Seen.

nga mihi me aroha
greetings & love

consider these words...

the two advents
the O.T foreview of the coming Messiah is in two aspects - that of rejection & suffering & that of earthly glory & power often these two aspects blend in one passage the prophets themselves were perplexed by this seeming contradiction it was solved by partial fulfilment in due time the Messiah born of a virgin according to Isaiah appeared among men & began His ministry by announcing the predicted kingdom as 'at hand' the rejection of King & kingdom followed

thereupon the rejected King announced His approaching crucifixion resurrection departure & return
He uttered predictions concerning the course of events between His departure & return
this promised return of Christ becomes a prominent theme in the Acts Epistles & Revelation

taken together the N.T teachings concerning the return of Jesus Christ may be summarized as follows
that the return is an event not a process & is personal & corporeal
His coming has a threefold relation to the church to Israel to the nations

to the church the descent of the Lord into the air to raise the sleeping & change the living saints is set forth as a constant expectation & hope
to Israel the return of the Lord is predicted to accomplish the yet unfulfilled prophecies of her national regathering conversion & establishment in peace & power under the Davidic covenant
to the Gentile nations the return of Christ is predicted to bring the destruction of the present political world-system the judgement followed by world-wide Gentile conversion & participation in the blessings of the kingdom

please also refer to
I Chronicles chpt 17
Psalms chpt 24
Acts chpt 1


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