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To sum up, there is no power on earth, in this University or elsewhere, that can take a clerk from his desk or a mechanic from his bench, and easily mould him into a leader. To develop oneself, one has to develop ones own initiative and perseverance - a man has to strive in oder to grow.

As educated people, you will be looked up to, and much will be expected of you. You will be regarded, and rightly so, as those who have the necessary knowledge and the ability to inspire, to guide and to lead. It is for this reason that we expect from you to whom we have given the opportunity of education in your chosen fields, great and productive service to Our country.

These fundamental ideas of which We have briefly spoken this day, constitute, We, presume, part of the thought you have absorbed during the course of your studies in this University College. May these basic thoughts accompany you during the years ahead and aid you in accomplishing great things for Our beloved country, Ethoipia.

In conclusion, We would like to express Our thanks and appreciation to the members of the faculty and the Board of this University College for their zealous and untiring efforts for the groweth of knowledge and the development of character in the young people who learn here.

We would like especially to entrust Our Vice-Minister of Education, on the growth of the statement made by him regarding the expansion and growth of education in the country, with the high responsibility of assiduously and untiringly striving made by the Board.

A speech by H.I.M emperor Haile Sellassie I at the 6th graduation of the U.C.A.A. Ethiopia July 17th 1959.

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