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Regarding Science and Mysticism..

Blessed Love,

I'm not going to get into details here, as I'll end up writing a message that would take hours to read to little or no good results. I saw the dreaded phrase "science and religion" and thought that I would make quick mention that the world's greatest Quantum Theorists (Quantum Theory being the theories that are thought to govern the behavior of sub-atomic particles, or "quanta"), such as Einstein, Heisenberg, Schroedinger, Bohr, Planck, etc. all were confirmed "mystics" with belief and concept of some sort of "divine intelligence" that at least designed the universe if not completely controlling it. Furthermore, the more you study the behavior of light and sub-atomic particles (both their individual behavior and their relationship), you come to realize that really NOTHING is understood on WHY things happen in this universe. The more you know about one aspect, the less clear of an explanation you have on a related aspect (a crude explanation of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle). And what is even more worth knowing is principles such as Schroedinger's "Collapse of the Wave Function" which, without getting into details, explains that by merely OBSERVING the behavior of light and other "quanta", you change the behavior of what you're observing, so you never can really observe everything that is "going on", so to speak. So in other words, let science simply be defined as "some of "known" methods by which JAH runs things). Science and Mysticism (or as I prefer the term METAphysics, or "above/beyond physics") are two realities which do not out-rule eachother, but have no need or reason to support one another. You don't study an orange to better understand an apple, all you know is that they are both fruit worth eating.

Give thanks.

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Regarding Science and Mysticism..
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