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Re: How are the Rases dem in Ethiopia

Blessed Love,
Hail His Imperial Majesty Earth's Rightful Ruler Jah Rastafari Haile Selassie I.
Yes there are Ethiopian Rastafari just as their are Ghanaian, Kenyan... As a bredren in Shashemanie told I there are even Rastafari in antartica. The spirit of Jah and knowledge of HIS kingdom has no geographic boundary.
The Rastafari Family in Shashamanie is planting, building, and surviving daily. Ones are sustaining themselves and yet the need for assistance is crucial from those of us outside of Africa. Nation building takes financial cooperation along with inter African cooperation in vision. Putting doctrine beside is knowing that Haile Selassie is the umbrella from which all ones called by HIS name come in to the blessed land of Africa to do Jah will.
There are many different ways ones can support the works in Africa and specifically in Shashemanie. From sending seeds, to books, to music, to farming and medical equipment to supporting a family seeking to repatriate to supporting one of the houses represented there to supporting the Tabernacle Project headed forward by Ras Mweya and Bongo Solo. If the I wants some contacts let I know.
Also I and I Queen will be leading an educational service program to Ethiopia in February 2003 and one to Ghana in July 2003.
Last night it was wondeful to interview Michael Rose of Black Uhuru and to find that he had designated royalties from a recent album to go to the EWF in Shashemanie. Ethiopia awaits her creators...Truly Ethiopia and all of Africa is waiting for her sons and daughters to come forward to bring their peace to the hola works of preparing a place as Babylon catch a fiyah.

Ises I,

Inited Nations Of Jah Inter-nation-all-relation

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Re: How are the Rases dem in Ethiopia
Re: How are the Rases dem in Ethiopia

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