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Re: The Passover?

The Feast of the Pass-Over is to commemorate the night the Spirit of JAH passed over Egypt, slaying the first-born sons of Egypt, but sparing the Israelites, who had marked their door-posts with the blood of the lamb, which was then basically roasted and eaten inside.
It also commemorates the Exodus, which resulted after these events.
The Israelites ate unleavened bread both on the night of the passover, and also upon beginning the Exodus, as they didn't have time to mix in yeast and let it rise - they had to pack up the dough they'd just made for the day and flee, and then bake flat "griddle-cakes" with it on the run...

If you have a physical descent from the Israelite tribes, or feel a strong spiritual kinship with the events of the Exodus, and wish to commemorate this, then a passover ceremony could be an ideal way to do this.

I suppose at it's simplest, you could have a lamb kebab with tabouli, which meets the basic criteria ;-) and think about the Exodus.
You could get strict and roast only a bit of kosher or halal lamb and make sure your bread has no yeast...
If you really want to go the whole deal and perform an orthodox passover ceremony with all the ritually correct foods, I'm sure a Rabbi could give you the details, or a Jewish site on the web.

I guess it depends on how seriously you take the ritual aspects of your religion. If you know the reasoning behind it, and it is to you a meaningful way to remember JAH and the life, then go ahead.

Note that I've never performed a passover ceremony myself. I just thought I'd pass on what I know from studying the Torah, and religion in general.


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Re: The Passover?

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