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Re:attacking again??


Yes I did thank the person for the reading material however this material is not something that I can just buy over the counter where I reside. I have to order it in which I can not afford to pay this much for one article because of the writers oppinion. When did I say reading was bad......never happened!!!!. I said that one cannot believe everything they read in books.That works for all issue's and I thought that you being a RASTA if that is what you are then you should know better than to believe everthing you read or see on TV. I have books which have quotes from Garvey pushing anti jewish mindset as well as praising the nationalism of hitler to the extent that he says Hitler and mussolini stole his teachings on nationalism. However this is something I will not just take because it is in some book as his mindset as there is the environment in which such words came from within to also take into count.There is more to it than just what one reads. There are two sides to all issues and both sides must be overstood and reasoned on even if one does not like one side.

since when am I distorting because through the hindu village in which I have reasoned with do not agree that Varna should be a racial issue and if Hindu teach such a thing then these Hindu are incorrect.Every faith, lifestyle has distortions. From Christians to muslims and so on and just because people through time have distorted something does not mean that this is how it is suppose to be or that it is the way for every person within that faith genre.

Like I said before that I am not denying that there are those who preach this pro brahmin mindset and I do not agree with the Brahmin mindset towards being the spiritual higher but in my experience which is with all classes of Hindus I have reasoned with or spoken with I have not come across any that have put skin colour into the varna as a racial push. They have only taught the teaching of the colour in its personality meaning.

and YES I believe you when you told me that this is not so in Africa with the Hindu there and that they teach racial mindset and yes I believe that there are books out there that state the oppersite to what I am saying and yes I DO believe that you saw a BBC program but I am not going to call or judge the people that I know or have reasoned with of the Hindu lifestyle as liars as you two have done with me because of differnce in knowledge and overstanding.

I have more respect for people than to do that.

For starters we do not even know each other from a bar of soap. We are worlds apart in different environments, different cultures, different lifestyles and because of this we are givan and see different information however because of this doesn't mean that either of us are liars. What it means is that we are open to different sides of the story or issues. This does not mean that one or the other lies.

When did I say Africains dont go to India.......never happened. I asked if this other person had been in a post a while back and I got no answer so I guess that would mean no, otherwise we could have reasoned on what either of us had of learnt about the Hindu or Brahmin if they had of been.

I do not overstand why both of you are getting your backs up over me because I do not side with you two. I reason with different people and read different books. I do not state that you guys are in correct in what you say but only that those Hindu that teach such teachings of Racial claims wheither it be one, two or a million are wrong according to all Hi

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Re:attacking again??

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