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Re: Reparations is Real for Everyone else

Greetings Sister,
The question at hand is;isnt there a way that we can approach the reparartion proposal(s) in phases.For example, if there is an educational program there is going to be an evaluation on the different educational aspects after say five years;there must be some way of knowing the effects the program will have on the recepients. Then, the program will be designed to involve an in/out classroom approach.
Notwithstanding budget considerations,this program is bound to stretch over at least twenty years.
The reparations proposal must also entail the judiciary,social,economic and every area within the existing system that needs redoing out of slavery.
The rebirth of our people will not be easily measured in monetary terms although we should make a rough estimate of fifty million to every living man woman and child who are still reeling in the decadence that slavery has caused.We agree that this will entail much work but we must start somewhere.The warning is that we should not become complacent on this journey because the resposibility is vast.Caretakers of the project should come from a cross section of the people who are committed to humantiy and the cause for justice.We will learn from the mistakes of our forefathers scarred by treachery and intransparency. There will also be some form of governmental injection although we know that these politicians can just be painted the colour of the former slave owners at the word go.
When once the program is approved there is going to be a need for a watchteam to ensure the integrity of purpose at all times.

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Re: Reparations is Real for Everyone else
Re: Reparations is Real for Everyone else

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