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Mystire Selasse ( Mystery of Trinity )

The Mystery of Trinity (Mystire Selasse)is to know the Father the begetter, the Son the begotten and the Holy Spirit the one who proceeds, one in three and three in one. They are three in name , in person, in work. In name they are called Father, Son, the Holy Spirit. The Father has a perfect person, perfect face, and perfect form. The Son has a perfect person, perfect face, and perfect form. The Holy Spirit has a perfect person, perfect face, and perfect form. As far as their work is concerned, the Father is begetter, the Son is begotten, the Holy Spirit is the one who proceeds. The Father begets and causes procession, but is neither begotten nor proceeds. The Son is begotten, but neither begets nor proceeds nor causes procession. They are one in nature, in essence, in fullness, in substantiality, in divinity, in heart, in word, in breath. They are called Ab, Wold, and Manfas Qeddus. Ab means the Father, Wold means the Son, and Manfas Qeddus means the Holy Spirit, one who proceeds from the Father. When we say the Father begets the Son and causes the Holy Spirit to proceed, it does not mean He is greater than they; He does not precede them. When we say they are three in name, in person, and in work, we do not mean to say three Gods, but One God. The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God; but they are one and are not called three Gods. The Father is called Father but not the Son or Holy Spirit; the Son is called Son, but not Father or Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is called Holy Spirit, but not Father of Son. The name of the Father is not changed to be the name of the Son or Holy Spirit. The name of the Son is not changed to be the name of the Father of Holy Spirit. The name of the Holy Spirit is not changed to be the name of the Father of the Son. Qeddus Feker (Blessed Love) Ab, Wold, Manfas Qeddus, Jah Rastafarra I Iyasus Christos Hayl Selasse naw Feker. Qeddus.

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Mystire Selasse ( Mystery of Trinity )

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