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Marcus Garvey Film Award to James Bond

There have been several responses in support of the protest against the presentation of a Marcus Garvey Award for Film to Roger Moore who played James Bond in 7 films. This was the feature of the Jamerican film festival orgaised by Hollywood actres Sheryl Lee Ralph.

I share three lettera herewith, the first of which appeared in the GLEANER and the second two which were sent to the letter writer:

BARBARA MAKEBA Hannah's protest against the selection of Roger Moore for the Marcus Garvey Award is a cry that should echo and reverberate from one end of Jamaica to the next.

However, I doubt that it will, because after forty-odd years of being Jamaica's first and most popular National Hero; and after 90 years of the sounding of his philosophy, Garvey's impact has yet to be properly appreciated in his own country.

I hail those who initiated the idea of an Award in Garvey's name, but there seems to have been a glaring failure to set suitable standards for selecting the awardees. This insensitivity is common in Jamaica and it is no accident that Jampro and the Tourist Board should find themselves silent collaborators in this travesty. Look at the number of successful black Jamaicans who do not realise that their rise to positions of prominence was possible only because Garvey gave his life so that the sons and daughters of former slaves might be treated with respect.

There are those of us who recognise Marcus Garvey as one of the great freedom fighters of the 20th Century. Throughout the world, he is the acknowledged architect of the movement to emancipate the minds of Africans at home and abroad. Most of the modern African nations accept this fact; and had Jamaicans been more exposed to the example of his life and the content of his teachings we might well have been spared much of the agony we endure today.

Murder, mayhem and lack of productivity are what we suffer because of the shortage of self-esteem and the other deficiencies that arise from our poor knowledge of the glorious history of Africa, its people and their off-spring. You can bet on it:

We all shall suffer a lot more until the ethnic majority in Jamaica is emancipated from mental slavery. Obsequious glorification of Mr. Moore contributes nothing to this objective and ought not to have been done in the name of Marcus Garvey.

I am, etc.,


Dear Mr Jones,

I read with shock, yet in total agreement, your letter in the Gleaner regarding The Marcus Garvey Award going to Roger Moore (the British Actor I presume?)

Could u briefly explain what the award is there to acknowledge, i.e. the Arts, Sport, Culture etc. Your letter provided me with my first insight that there was a Marcus Garvey Award. In my view, it should go to people someone who has achieved in the key pillars of Garveyism, e.g. Culture, Identity and Community work, Economics/Business, Politics, Education and the Media. Moreover, I feel that such an award is NOT awarded to Jamaican national (of any ethnicity), the award should go to a person of Afrikan origin or descent

Again, thank you for your letter and feelings towards this award to Roger Moore.

Respect and One Love,

Birmingham, UK
Dear Mr. Jones:

I share same sentiments. That's the mentality of Jamaicans, "The whiter the better" The irony is Mr. Garvey asked for the support, recognition and upliftment of Black people as a group. Likewise the Jamaicans oversees, do not seek out and support their kind. I am a Jamaican who was just honored in Ft. Lauderdale for my support and help for my people which as expected is gone unnoticed in my country. The Miami Herald did three articles on me, two as recent as August, and November 04, 2001. At the award ceremony in Ft. lauderdale among the guest were the Prime Minister and the opposition leader and other MPs. Despite the fact that a press release was done to the Jamaican Gleaner, I never say the story published. If the government won't recognize Jamaican citizens whom have made great contribution to its people, why should the Daily Gleaner? I hope they wake up soon. Bob wasn't recognized until after his death, and they realized the impact he had made around the world. Let's keep praying! You can see a shorter version of the story on the internet at www.Miami.com/herald/ and visit the North West Neighbors for Nov 04, Canady story. Keep expressing your views.


Carlene Canady

C. Canady
16400 NE 19th Ave.
North Miami Beach, Fl. 33162

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