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Sis Askala's Knwledge of Rastafari

TAKEN FROM EWF SITE The knowledge of Rastafari is simply based on I and I belief in the Words of the Bible. The faith of Rastafari comes from the Power of Most High. Ones need no further explanation about the Power of His Imperial Majesty and his claim to the Throne of David than to read the Bible and to learn some of the History that surrounds H.I.M. and Ethiopia.
After reading the stories of the creation, the Exodus, the Kings and the Prophets, and studying the history of the region, it is not difficult to appreciate the possibility that Joseph and his 11 brothers did not came into Egypt from some European country - but from further East or North, in the upper regions of Africa, particularly Ethiopia, where original "bush" people in the far reaches of Ethiopia still worship and follow Judaic laws. In this last decade the Israelis have taken these people - The Falashas - out of their country to be indentured labourers, maids, nannies and yard-boys for them and their children. This is an injustice that must be reversed. But that is another story.

The fact that Solomon was crowned a King in Africa (1st Kings 1:32-46) is also an indication that these people of the Bible were indeed from Africa, and Solomon was probably not such a stranger to the Queen of Sheba when she visited him in Jerusalem - and eventually bore his son, recording for history Haile Selassie's claim to the throne of David and the line of Judah.

However, world awareness of the existence of the Falashas must have been a shock for those who have taken the Judaic promise unto themselves and tried to portray themselves ONLY as God's chosen people. When one considers that the Israelites had to cross the Red Sea in such a miraculous fashion to get to the "new" promised land of Canaan, how could they have come from there. They had no idea where they were going.

It is more believable that indeed, these bands of nomads travelling to the Promised Land were Africans, who, upon meeting up with people of lighter skin and straighter hair, over time became mixed into the local populace. Not all were totally mixed as we can see when we look at some of our "Jewish" neighbours EVEN TODAY and see how much their tight curly hair looks like ours. (This, of course, is a personal opinion, which, no doubt could be confirmed by scientific research if ones who have that ability would want to expose such a link.)

That's why as a Nazarene, Christ retained much of his African appearance - making it possible for Joseph and His Holy Mother Mary to take him to Africa to hide him from Herod who was trying to kill all the first born of the Jews. If he was white, how could he hide in Africa? Some think that racism was the reason the Roman Officer remarked "What good can come out of Nazareth" when he was told about Christ. Apparently the Nazarenes had stayed closer to their true racial structure. That is why when we as Rastafarians grow our hair without combing and cutting it, it is considered taking the "Nazarene Vow".

Please note that Rastafarians from Jamaica were not the first to grow their hair in this manner as a covenant and a vow. There are priests (Babati) in Ethiopia who take this vow and live a life of sacrifice and deprivation in serving the Lord. And as a youth-man, Haile Selassie's hair was grown in that fashion.

Based on the fact that for centuries, His Imperial Majesty's family has been the only family in the world that can truly trace their lineage back to Abraham and therefore to Adam and Eve - the validity of Rastafari is worthy of serious reflection.

So much things to say right now - but we know that ones and ones out there have thoughts they want to express, and we look forward to your comments and submissions for this website.

Askala Mariam

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Sis Askala's Knwledge of Rastafari
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