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Regarding Adam and Eve...

Blessed Love.

I noticed a post regarding whether or not Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth. Well,
Genesis isn't the best place to look for an answer, as there are two accounts of creation, and the I can't tell if the humans created in the first account are the same Adam and Eve spoken of in the second account. Furthermore, With Adam and Eve (at first) having two sons with one being killed....one would assume that Cain upon his arrival in Nod found a wife of unknown origin. Futhermore, who was Seth's wife?

These questions initially led me to believe that Adam and Eve were simply the first two INTELLIGENT people (initally only lacking knowledge of good and evil prior to their mishap with the fruit). However then I read the KEBRA NEGAST. According to the Kebra, Adam and Eve also had to daughters (not mentioned in the Bible). Now Abel and one of his sisters became a couple, and Cain and one of his sisters became a couple, however Cain was jealous over the sister that Abel had (or at least I think thats how the story goes). So Cain kills Abel and JAH gets mad and sends him off to Nod WITH A MARK ON HIS HEAD SO THAT NO ONE ELSE WOULD KILL HIM (but who does he have to be afraid of besides Adam and his future brothers???..the Bible doesn't say). So Cain and his sister procreate in Nod and I assume that Seth takes Adam's sister/wife and makes her his sister/wife.

Now what I say to every Rasta is this: If you validate Selassie I's lineage through the Kebra Negast, then you must accept the Kebra Negast as a volume of fact, and thus you must accept the Kebra's explanation for the world's population. We are all products of the incestual relationship of Seth and his sister (as Cain's offspring are supposedly destroyed during the flood...although the Hebrew word used for land in the account of the flood simply ment COUNTRY or REGION...not necessarily the whole world).

I hope this gets your minds busy.

Blessed be the name of Adonai, the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and his son
Y'shua I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafari.

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