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The Bible, Rasta and I an I History


1. Since Adam and Eve are being taken for the first and original people living
on planet Earth and modern archeology has found many artefacts from early
paleolithical age, that, according to the research being made, can be dated 800
000 years ago, the 4000 years you have mentioned is like a second in that time.
I have to stand for both: black scholars that are trying to prove, many
explanations of history have not really been fair and true in the past, as well
as for the ones, that spend their lives on the knees searching for any evidence
- written, painted or carved into stone - that will make the picture more
The same people proved that, whether some people like it or not, entire human
civilization is being based in Africa - means - they proved that these
legendary father and mother of all the human beings on this planet have been
The same people proved, that genetical information of any white racist is
99,999 % same as the genetical information of his black victim.
Science today - at least some of the areas of the science - have to deal with
many paradigmas (set of knowledge and opinions, being taken for absolute truth,
on which all other knowledge and research is being based) that will be blown
away, maybe already by my generation of people born in 70ties. The time of new
paradigma is coming - the one that challenges the ego conscioussness, and so we
only have to be patient.
Therefore, it is no dispute about that the people have been living longer than
6000 years ago. Because we used to label original people according to bible as
Adam and Eve, we can use those names, but I doubt them names did sound any
close to it. What it means, THEM HAVE BEEN ORIGINAL - PRIME - so presume there
is nothing before them. Nothing we know now. BUT STILL WE DO NOT KNOW MANY


According to José Pijoan, spanish author that wrote the History of Art - most
somprehensive work on art - first inhabitants of Egypt have been calling their
land Ta Kéme which means The Black Land - this name has been describing the
black colour of the mud that stayed on the banks of Nile every year after
floods. This way they also distinguished their land from the surrounding
deserts - which they have called Ta Deshre - Red Land.
As Pijoan say, historians till the start of our century thought, the oldest art
found in Egypt are the pyramids. In 1869 man called Arcelin shown to the
archeological congress first stone instrument used to cut different materials
in paleolit - as we know them from all over the world. His colleagues have been
protesting a lot, because their own vanity did not allow them to accept, their
own hypothesis have been wrong. These guys thought, people in Egypt came there
as a already developed civilization (with their french, or english pride, they
probably thought, they came from around Champs Elysées in Paris, or something
like that - just to make a little joke on that).
Pijoan say, there have been many kingdoms or tribes - Tribe of Snake, Tribe of
Lion etc. long, long time before dynasties as they are known. These independent
tribes, according to Pijoan, then merged into two main powers - Kingdom of
Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt.
According the same author, the two kingdoms then united under the government of
Pharao called Menej (Meni) - 3200 years before Christ. As he say as well,
today, many people are concentrated on exploring the mystery of paleolithical
and neolithical Egypt - which will surely bring more light into some concepts
and will blow away the ones, black people with the full right take for

As my brethren state, there are many ways of purification. You mentioned YOGA.I
have to oppose in some way, because YOGA not only is a way of purification, it
is the way, and probably the best, or most complexely explored way of linking
with JAH (they call the SPIRIT SHIVA, nevertheless, once we will stop thinking
bout little differences, truth in the big picture will be revealed). I recently
finish the translation of the book on Awakening of Kundalini Energy, where many
concepts are being presented in a whole and everything only prove, that the
original knowledge before KALI YUGA (as Hindu describe age of violence,
ignorance and material vanity) has been given to the human race from the
different planes of conscioussness and it is basically the same wherever you
go. If you get to that book, read it. It is written by Bonnie Greenwell and it
is called Energies of Transformation.

For now, I have to stop this virtual Internet reasoning, cause there are many
things I still have to do, but you hear bout me soon.

Love, Guidance and Itection

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The Bible, Rasta and I an I History

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