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What is Prophecy?

Blessed Love!!

In light of the passing events, we have been uncovering so many prophecies that were fulfilled by the latest dealings. Not to mention:

Isaiah 21:9 & 13 And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men (plane full of men), [with] a couple of horsemen (two pilots). And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen(Tower one), is fallen(Tower two); and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground........The watchman said, The morning cometh, and also the night: if ye will enquire, enquire ye: return, come. The burden upon Arabia. In the forest in Arabia shall ye lodge, O ye travelling companies of Dedanim.

Now, there are many prophecies in Daniel, Isaiah and Ezekiel that scholars and men will state that its already been fulfilled and we should not take it out of context. However, if one can site that history repeats itself, why can't we site that prophecy also repeats itself. Why would not the future be subjective to the same laws of human consciousness than the past. Does it not say "Know your past or u will be doomed to repeat it in the future". Future and past are directly connected with each other, as they work in cycles and are reflections of one another. Do we have just one Christ? No, again, prophecy repeats itself.

But exactly what is prophecy. Is it a very insightful person examining past events and making logical speculations toward the future? Would that in itself be deemed a wise prophet who observes life aptly.

Or could prophecy be a true look into future events, where human consciousness knows no bounds of time and through ones penial gland, picks up lights of times yet to come, but have been played out. What does that mean? Does one know that according to the speed of light, when one looks up at a star, that that star in fact may be hundreds, even thousands of years into the future, that in fact that star may not exist anymore. So to the human consciousness, present reality and future time are existing as parallels, for the star is already thousands of years into the future, but we only receive its light now. So, what about the lights of the earth? Did u know that a photon never dies unless its absorbed. Where are those lights that the Earth is projecting? If space is circular, like scientists are now suspecting, would not the lights of the Earth eventually return to the Earth? When it hits the Earth, would it be the EArth in the past, whilst the Earth itself is 2 thousand years already into the future? Could this be prophecy?

Or could prophecy be the collective consciousness focusing their mind on a singular event and producing that which is written, as is the case with "self-fullfilling prophecy". Take for instance, on Star Trek, the phones they used to talk with their space ship. Are they not identicle to cell phones? Is that a coincidence, or was that which was written produce prophetic fulfillment? Can an oppressed people concentrate their innergies enough to raise an annointed amongst them? Isn't that annointed simply an answer to a problem? Would not the problem first have to exist for that annointed one to be needed, or desired. How much more is it of the collective consciousness that produces a "god" amongst them, or brings about a written prophecy in order to break the chains that bind them as is expressed in this following quote.

"These ascended masters are often worshipped as gods or godesses, but they don't want to be!All they are/is the manifestation of energy created by the collective consciousness of enlightened people. And often this energy incarnates in human form to achieve a specific mission on the planet."

Do I have the answer? I profess I don't. What I'm imparting is thought-provoking theo(god)ries that ones can ponder upon. Perhaps none of these explain prophecy, perhaps they all do, all working in conjunction with the other. Let us further ponder upon these things as we are this era's collective sages, oracles, magi, priests(ess) and PROPHETS..

Empress FiYah

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What is Prophecy?
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