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Death is Inevitable

DEATH Wednesday, 26th September 2001

Death is something that we all have to accept as inevitable, it is to be
experienced by any one of us at any time. With the world about to go into
chaos and confusion i think that is important to keep our minds focused on
the right things. In times like these all our priorities should be the Most
High and being right by him. Death may come unexpectedly but it should not
matter, death should not be our focus, instead it should be that we are
right with JEHOVAH.

The media is having it's effect on all of us, it's not about getting caught
up in the hype, we need to stay focused. All these events have been written
because they were seen by JEHOVAH. (The Seven Year Tribulation)

WW3. There are so many reasons on different sides for this war, i'm
thinking that before long nobody will know why they are fighting,
propaganda. This is a war that is written will last 42 months, from now
until then is quite a while. They're talking about who's right and who's
wrong, this religion and that religion but does it really matter? Too many
people are going to die in this war and as a result of this war. Keep your
mind focused on the Most High and not on what they tell us on TV.

Now is the time for making ammends with the Most High, repenting and moving
forward in righteousness from then onwards. You can make yourself more
comfortable by knowing that you'll be going to a better place.

While this war is going on Life around the planet will be alot harder not
just in the warzone regions but everywhere. Everyone will be affected, it's
all downhill from here onwards. The world will become a place where people
in society have no rights, a world where people have to fight to live
"freely", a world where people have to fight to eat. It's not a pretty

What is the world that everyone wishes this world was? Isn't it a world
where all children of all races can play together on the streets in their
innocence? Isn't it a world where we don't ruin our lives chasing money?
Isn't it a world where every race of people is living on Earth in Peace?
Don't people dream of a world where everyone is happy, and there are no
problems? It is possible and will be. Everyone can imagine a perfect world
where problems cannot manifest. A world where race-hate no longer exists, a
world where sinning is a thing of the past, where living correctly is in the
hearts of all men ... (Imagine That). A World of true freedom where pain
and frustration and sadness are "imprisoned" and happiness is free.

The World you dream of is the World that Jesus Christ will rule, he will
show us all the way to live in complete happiness, the dream of too many
generations of Earth's inhabitants. Stay focused on getting there and remind
others to stay focused on getting there. Many people will die between now
and then, many people will last the whole seven years ... No matter what
your hopes are stay focused on the Most High and you'll make it to the
Bright Day one way or another.

Psalm 91 is the Psalm that i've chosen for these times, there are many
others that you may find comfort in reading. I chose this one because it is
about understand how JEHOVAH feels about who he protects and why. With all
the obstacles that people on Earth will be tested with, staying focused on
the Most High will be how you will be saved from many a situation. Through
every day of these dark times keep JEHOVAH first and he will keep you first.
Do not be disheartened by what you see or experience keep your mind sharp,
you may be a person that lasts until the very end and sees Jesus' return.
Blessed is he that makes it to the end but still blessed are those that die
for Christ along the way.

Death has always been here and we've always had to accept this fact of Life,
we still have to stay focused on the Most High and especially now. Don't
let death and heartache become your focus, this is just a time, a particular
period and it will last only for so long. STAY FOCUSED!!


8th September 1977 publishing

1. Unconditional Love - 2Pac

" The Heart of a soldier with the brains to teach a whole nation in feeling
no more pain. " - 2Pac


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Death is Inevitable
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