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Holy Ethiopian Orthodox Christian faith

I have just read some messages posted on the subject matter of TTOI and "their mentality".I read disagreements and stupid ass talk with nothing really accomplished but fact pointed out that the prophet Gad and TTOI members are'nt perfect,wow BIG revelation huh?! Guess what,everyone sins.And every sin is a result of ego,or self will placed over God's will.For that specific reason we have a Lord that will and has already saved us from our sins.
Then there was quick dialogue about the unity of the Ras Tafari movements-BoBo,TTOI,RCO...
People,Haile Selassie and all the past Kings of Ethiopia have already delt with this issue and already have came up with a very obvious solution to this that was already in place in Ethiopia.
The Holy Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Faith has been the unifying and spiritual institution of Ethiopia for time out of mind(3rd century).
All can be pretty much simplified by just name of the church.
Holy- meaning that it is sanctified and under the care and direction of God Himself,His church body.
Ethiopian- this is general in the since that ethiopia has many different small tribes and ethnic groups with their own identity.And all have experienced tribal war with each other for God only knows how long.But all of Ethiopia can unify under the cross of the Orthodox faith which teaches unity(love your brother) as one of its central doctrines.*Most important is the fact that all Ras should understand is that Haile Selassie clearly states and ratified in the Ethiopian constitution that the offical religion of the Ethiopian empire is the Orthodox christan faith and that He is the protector of.Anything that goes against this is self will and basically says to God,"okay I think I understand why this is this way ,but I think I know what is better for Ethiopia than you do your Majesty".Unity under the cross of the EOC is a divine movement against tribal war,and this has been the reality sinse.
Orthodox- strictly or fundamentally christian without any added self imposed bull sh*t that causes seperatism.This is a measure against having this,that and the other fighting on what is correct,because its already been establish as set declaration of faith
Christian- we will worship and do the will of Jesus and do what is required of us under the direction of those He has appointed to guide,protect and care for us-the Negusa Nagast and the clergy of the EOC
Faith- faith to do what is right regardless of what we think.Faith is to fully trust in the process and not to try to impose our will on our lives or else we are trying to run the show causing disagreements and confusion.

Haile Selassie already seen it coming and Rasta needs to do what has been declared by Him or else the ego takes over and soon there will be no Rasta-TTOI,BoBo or whatever.This is clearly evident with the 50% population in Ethiopia practicing a faith other than Orthodoxy.
Ego is E-easing



Most importantly the EOC administers to the Tabot.And you fully understand THAT then there is no room for debate or whatever kind of "reasoning" we might be able to come up with.The EOC also crowns all the Ethiopian Kings,Emporers and Rases so that all speaks for itself.

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