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Final Comments and Contradictions

Final Comments and Contradictions Tuesday, 25th September 2001

In my last few letters (OUTLAW ALLIES, A SOULJAH'S NOTES) I said some things that may have given the wrong impression about what I'm talking about. I said some things in haste and now I repent of saying them. Any comments that give an Islamic impression I take back because although I respect them (some Muslims), I am not one of them.

For everything I've spoken about, the only book I give credit to is the Holy Bible, I do not read any other book. I have respect for Muslims because I can see similarities between Islam and Christianity. To me, the Most High is the Most High whether you call him JEHOVAH or ALLAH, but at the same time I only refer to the Holy Bible and I only quote the Holy Bible. Any book that contradicts the Holy Bible is false to me. The Bible did not mention Muhammad so from an objective perspective I am sceptical. - I haven't read the whole Bible but I've been told that as Christians we have been warned to beware of other faiths, especially now.

No matter what I've said or implied in my letters, the basis of all my letters has been the Bible. The only book that I recommend reference from is the Holy Bible, no other book. The comments I made were based on superficial knowledge of what is going on in the world and I feel stupid for making such comments.

No matter what I've said or what you've understood from me, you still need to read the Bible to fill in any gaps I've left. My writing satisfies me but it may not necessarily be enough for you. Read chapters at a time and not just quotes.

World War 3. This war is about to begin and it looks religion oriented, at the same time the result of this war leads to the erection of the Satanic church. The objectives of this war are not necessarily what they seem, and that's from both perspectives, both sides are using religion to recruit troops, and there are large majorities on both sides that are thinking if it's really their war. The Holy city will be trampled for 42 months. My logic is that Jesus is black, therefore his people are black, and therefore these people are fighting over land that belongs to neither of them. - This war is a place where many people will die, I think that the fighting of this war should be opposed. Outlaw Living begins when this war has to be opposed.

The Two Witness (Revelation 11). For Christians these are the last two prophets before the return of Christ. These are the two people that need to be listened to. I've assumed that they will begin during the first half of the seven year tribulation but it could be in the second half. Anything that needs to be said will be said by these two. They are next to speak.

The Seven Seals. The first four of these seals releases the spirits of Heaven known as the four horsemen. They are not four singular horsemen, the four are the heads of four armies (see Zechariah 6). In Revelation, a head is used to represent an army instead of saying the whole army. After the opening of the first four seals things on Earth will begin to change, the spirits do God's will.

The Seven Year Tribulation. This begins when the Messiah is cut off (see Daniel 9:26). The first half will be war, the second half will be the reign of the ANTI-CHRIST.

Right now the most important thing is the spreading of who the Beasts are. I've made some points of why Nas is the Beast and why Sun Myung Moon is another Beast. They won't come into power for another three and a half years, in the meantime, find out more about them and spread the word. - The big picture is much bigger than Hip-Hop but that's where my mind has been for many years. From observing Hip-Hop politics I noticed the Nas and Tupac and Biggie situation, and from further investigation I worked out that Nas is the Beast. Nas fits into a much bigger picture but it cannot be seen yet, but it will be. The ANTICHRIST could have chosen any route to get to his destination but he chose music. With music people can like you for being talented, for being handsome, for being a trendsetter, and for being anything the media wants him to be seen as ... His objective has been to be liked first, to be popular so that when it's time to reveal himself he'll already have some familiarity/ popularity momentum. Music is easy to hide behind and it's possible for artists to be untrue to what they represent. Will Nas fans Love Nas the antichrist because they think he raps well?

I deliberately called myself Young Selassie as opposed to just Selassie. The reason being that I still feel young and I know I still have a lot to learn. I'm 24 but there's still a young man in me. No matter what you've read of mine please use the Bible to confirm what I've said, I'm sure of some things but not all. The prophecies that are in the Bible is what I read. Outlaw Living is what things will turn out to be in time, that's definite. Because Muslims have a fundamental belief that differs from Christians, even though we may fit into the same category today, it doesn't mean that it will tomorrow. Jesus said that a time will come when Christians will be hated for his name's sake. Muslims don't take Jesus as Christians do, they see Jesus as just another prophet, even though they acknowledge him and expect him. In time that difference will make a difference.

Read about the two witnesses in Revelation 11 so that you'll know when they are about and to listen to them, that's important. Let the Bible confirm everything and anything in these days.

Zechariah 8 - "The Lord promises to bless Jerusalem"

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and Destiny Wars

I'm satisfied with everything I wrote before the month of September. I intend to edit everything I wrote in September except this letter, "The Seven Year Tribulation" and "Destiny Wars". I don't want any of my mentions of Muhammad or Koran to interfere with my messages that are based on the Bible. The Bible makes no mention of Muhammad but I still show some respect for Islam. I know that when Jesus returns that His (Christ's) name will be the only name across Earth, but it is JEHOVAH'S work that will make this prophecy be fulfilled, not the work of men.

These are the last Seven years and Christians need to deal with what we have to deal with. Our allies can only be ourselves anything else is delayed trouble.

I would like to thank everyone that gave me feedback on what I've been writing for the past few months, especially the positive feedback, Thank You. I appreciated hearing from you.

Jesus Christ is a black man, and he was a black man, don't be surprised when you see him. And that should explain why the ANTICHRIST is black and a big part of his objective, to mislead the REAL Jews.

Until The End Of Time: 8th September 1977 publishing

"The Good Die Young" - 2Pac & The OUTLAWZ

"Spread the word about the Beasts, everyone needs to know what time it is." - YOUNG SELASSIE

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