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Re: The Seven Year Tribulation This Is Too Funny!!

tut tut, the most subtle beast in the field is a ... snake, right?

well, wouldn't it be wise for a snake to give shouts to people that we respect, after all he is trying to mislead us?

Without being rude, you don't have the slightest clue, and because you are so blind you won't see Nas until he comes blatantl;y in your face and there is no question about it. This won't happen for at least another 42 months, what will you say then? will u apologise for your outburst? Or are you one of those people that knows the truth but helps to keep it concealed to a minority, Satan's game.

When the truth comesto light you'll remember that somebody done told ya, that's a day i look forward to, i'll be in Heaven when that day comes, i'm thinking that i'll be laughing but i know that it will be a terrible time when it comes.

Don't be quick to condemn theories, you should listen to someone that understands and shows understanding. We all know what time it is but do you have candidate for the Beast? Do you have any idea who he might be?

The beast/ antichrist will be a false prophet, but to whom will he become a leader? - Use your brain. If we are the israelites wouldn't it make sense that a false prophet comes to us? - We've had martin, malcolm and tupac. Don't u think that satan has a plan on bringing in his own prophet to lead us?

Food for thought is what i give, what do i get in return?

"I Ain't Mad At 'Cha"

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Re: The Seven Year Tribulation This Is Too Funny!!
Re: The Seven Year Tribulation This Is Too Funny!!

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