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Please read...message to all who visit this board.

Greetings and JAH blessings to all

Over the last 2 to 3 years I have spent much time
on the net posting and reasoning with RASTA and
non-rasta. However it is only over the last two
weeks that I feel that RASTA out there have a passion in there heart that I have for so long being seeking. Thank you brothers and sisters for
sharing and showing that RASTA is truly growing in heart and strength and that there are still many who hold so close in there hearts principles of the movement that I thought were lost. A principle of truth, honesty, strength, and most important the fight against those who still choose to oppress developing nations, coloured nations and arab nations.

It is sad that we loose sight of such passion and what we should hold close to our hearts because we are too busy fighting amongst each other about whether Christ is Black, whether Christ is JAH, whether Selassie is Christ, fighting over who's faith is right and who's is wrong.

I have been threatened, abused and even been called an Anti-Christ because I speak what I feel in my heart. I speak out for the Dying in Iraq from the sanctions we impose here in the west.
I speak out for the Cubans, for Fidel, the abused in Palestine, the abuse of any nation no matter what colour, culture or faith and so on and so on and for this many RASTA and non-rasta turn from me in disgust with fighting words and actions.

It is YOU, the people of this board who have brought a tear to my eye and much joy in my heart for you all have shown me that I am not alone in my principles and you have all made me stand proud again as a true RASTA in heart, mind and soul.

The utmost JAH blessings and love to you all, for at a time when I thought the RASTA movement had lost its fight, power and word you have all shown me it has not. You have shown that RASTA is still a movement of wisdom, heart, strength, and intelligence.
In my 16 years of being a devout RASTA I can not remember the last time I felt so proud of the movement and lifestyle I have given my life to until now.

JAH bless you all and stay strong, wise, and lead with your heart under the RASTA umbrella.

Iheart Militia
Sydney AUS

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Please read...message to all who visit this board.
Re: Please read...message to all who visit this bo

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