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Monday, 24th September 2001

In the times ahead it will be good to work with people that are in the same
situation as yourself. In the times ahead it will be Outlaws against the
world, all riding.

Muslims are Outlaws just like Christians will be.

They won't be fighting for Satan in the world war, they'll be fighting
against Satan, they despise Satan just like us.

When the antichrist comes they will be against him just like us.

When the mark of the beast arrives they will be against it just like us.
They will be persecuted, jailed and killed just like us.

Christians and Muslims have the same objectives, we are supposed to be one
and we will be, in time.

Both Christians and Muslims look forward to the return of Jesus Christ, only
the "Jews" don't.

The Truth conflict is here and it's time to pick sides, Satan's will or
JEHOVAH's will?

Jesus Christ was against the world, he will fight against it. True
Christians should do exactly the same, and team up with people in our same
boat. The Muslims are not our enemy, they are our brothers, we are family.
Both Muslims and Christians conform to God's 10 Commandments, recognise
Jesus, recognise the Most High, are against Satan.

Fighting for America in the war is not Christian at all, the war being
fought is for the "Jews", they have been fighting the Muslims for years, now
they have found a way to make us all fight their war. In revelation 11:2 it
says that the Gentiles will trample the Holy City for 42 months (3 and a
half years).

Don't believe everything you see on TV, Satan owns TV, he can things look as
he pleases and he always has done. All these "terrorists" got their weapons
from America and were told what to do with them, as soon as they stopped
listening to America they were called "terrorists". America is a liar, a
snake. Do not fight for America, fight against America, what has America
done for us? . It is God's will for America to fall and at the right time it
will fall, by fire (bombings). - Ask yourself, who benefits from this war?
Why is America so fast to cause a war, isn't there other ways of solving
these problems? . The Truth is that there is a whole other agenda, this war
is for the Satanic Church. The REAL war is over Jerusalem, America's
objective is to weaken the Islamic force in the war, that's why they are
starting a "new" war in Islamic territories. The fighting in Jerusalem will
continue, America is trying to makes sure that the Muslims cannot defend
Jerusalem. Bush knows exactly what he is doing and what it will cause.

THE TWO WITNESSES (Revelation 11). They are the last two prophets, they
will make anything that needs to be known known, all people that plan on
being a part of God's Kingdom should pay attention to what they have to say,
they will make everything that needs clearing clear.

Bin Laden is another Outlaw that stands up to America (Satan), and goes
against Satan. He is like Sadaam, Kadaffi and MAKAVELI. It is Outlaws
against the world, we should stick together. Outlaws fight against Satan,
we have no place with Satan, only with God. ALLAH and JEHOVAH are the same
God, the Most High.

I told you about World War 3 a while back because I knew it was coming and
what it is really about. I told you then that they would find something to
blame on the Muslims just so they could start a war, now they've done it.
The basis of this war is false, but the war itself will get worse.

In the times when computers gain control by their intelligence everything
computer related will be Satanic, that's why C+O+M+P+U+T+E+R = 666.

Jesus Christ is STILL Lord and Saviour, and eternally will be.

Psalm 91 - "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High ..."

While the war is on there will be a revolution taking place, it is the false
revolution of the false prophet, do not be fooled into taking part in it.
When Nas gets on top a nightmare begins. He has many allies in his quest,
be wise and make sure that what you do is for the Most High.

8th September 1977 publishing

"The values of real Christians and real Muslims means that we could live
together on Earth in Peace. Satan is the one that causes the problems, and
he's done it again." - YOUNG SELASSIE

"The war is Satan's world and people against God's world and people. It's
just a shame that many Christians will not see until their own persecution
becomes a reality." - YOUNG SELASSIE

"Jesus Christ is a black man and so his people are black people. The REAL
Jews are black people. Don't be fooled by the fakes." - YOUNG SELASSIE

"Remember one thing through every dark night, there's a bright day after
that . So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep ya head up
and handle it." - 2Pac

" The Heart of a soldier with the brains to teach a whole nation in feeling
no more pain. " - 2Pac

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