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my fellow americans...
you're too millitant, lighten up...
you're too angry, stop complaining...
if you don't like this country then get out...
stop complaining and leave...
just go back to where you came from..
you didn't come here on the mayflower,
so just go home...
this is not your home...
stop getting so angry...
stop hating america...
there's not racism against your kind...

"excuse me amerikkka..."
"i'm confused..."
"you tell me to lighten up, but what you really mean, is whiten up..."
"you wish to wash me out, melt me in your cauldron.."
"excuse me if i tip your melting pot..."
"spill the shades onto your streets..."
"i don't want to lose my color..."
"you wonder why i get so angry and don't trust me when i say it's your
"excuse me amerikkka, you pushed for my paper permits..."
"shipped us a cargo for surburban missionaries..."

refugees aboard, handle with care, please provide help for the goddless children seeking refuge

"from a land fighting for your creed..."
"a country in distress armed by your congress..."
"rampaged and pillaged..."
"and suddenly my skin stretches on silver screens..."
"the killing fields for your hollywood hype..."
"excuse me amerikkka, i have tried to make this my home..."
"but you never wanted me here..."
"9 digits to divy up my new found freedom..."
"a hyphenated identity, misconstructed name..."
"a divided soul, Asian-amerikkkan..."
"a hybrid woman, slash, dashed, capped and lower cased in lables..."
"contaminated by diction, pricked by vultures of bastard tongues..."
"you mispronounce my pain..."
"the steam heard on roll call days daily friction..."
"names slip off teachers tongues...
"sounding like slaughter soldiers caught in battalion battle fields..."
"excuse me for getting so angry..."
"but you can't even say my fucking name..."
"still you shovel my anger aside, want me to bite my lips..."
"and watch my words, yet you cut me with your thoughts..."
"your stories spread me in fiction..."
"recreated for ideal themes..."
"sqeeze me for the minor myth the mold me into your major model..."
"gave me seductive sex appeal to steal your vigin soldiers..."
"drew me dragon claws to kill your unlucky sons..."
"excuse me if i get too angry..."
"you spread lies meant to spread my legs..."
"excuse me if i have learned to master your language..."
"sharpen my tongue, own my own words, and call my pain anger..."
"excuse me if i get angry..."
"watching my parents wither and work in cycles..."
"while you steam roll over their dreams..."
"they drown in blood and sweat..."
"for fifteen minuet breaks and overtime meals..."
"the factory wistle blows and off the stink...
"that stains my father's blue collared shirt..."
"steel toe shoes cover calloused feet that stand proud to be the backbone of this amerikka"
"for jobs real amerikkkans never wanted..."
"my father's skin sweats stories..."
"my mother's hands hold up hope..."
"i am angry for their sacrifice, i am angry for their pain..."
"i am angry for the lost stories and forgotten faces..."
"drowning in this land of immigrant pool..."
"i am angry for the violence that bleeds onto your streets..."
"excuse you amerikkka, while i scratch your name with 3 K's..."
"mark X for you xenophobic tendancies..."
"scrape the violence off you skull, and ask you..."
"why, why are you so angry amerikkka..."
"you wip out wise cracks..."
"attack the defenseless..."
"flashing the superior color of your badge..."
"you beat us down, blame us, as victims remain nameless..."
"bashing the heads of all our Vincent Chins..."
"you serve violence while beating for cultures sake..."
"this bites the finish at denny's meal..."
"you dig graves for forgotten faces..."
"steal lives for petty scheme crimes..."
"buried our dead with bullet wounds..."
"slay the living with foriegn stares..."


"Excuse me Amerikkka"
From: I was born with two tongues
Asian-amierkkkan poetry collective out of Chicago
check them out at- www.2tongues.com

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